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I am not always doing this review thing but herolocity really deserves this. They have a very well and result oriented sales and marketing platform, High five!

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 21 Mar 2017


We use Kisi in our office to see who is coming in and at what times. Great software that has provided valuable insights for an entire team - both facility managers and key holders.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 03 Jan 2017

SmartZip Analytics

Great company to work with! Already have one listing under contract from their geo farming and multiple others based on their system to come in January. Tools are incredible and same with their customer service! Love the handwritten note and get great response from it!

Last reviewed on Monday, 19 Dec 2016


I am the safety/compliance manager for my company (transport, engineering, mining, labour hire). I have been working with MAUS since December 2015. The last 9 months have been heavily invested in transferring everything from the last 15 years from a collection of servers to one location, and now i get to focus on all of the features of the suite and how we can utilize them going forward. The after sales care from the MAUS...

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Last reviewed on Friday, 09 Sep 2016

Insight Decision Solutions

Good solution and once data are loaded, realy easy to use. They also provide good service and support. If you have any question, they'll be glab to help you out. Get a global view and drill down up to the actual policy owner in a couple of click. As IT professional, it help me concentrate on the data load and let the Actuaries do their stuff.

Last reviewed on Monday, 08 Feb 2016


I used 1000Minds to survey householder preferences for my masters degree. I found the software easy to use for myself and the participants. Very easy to export the data for statistical analysis. Being free for student use is great too!

Last reviewed on Thursday, 07 Jan 2016

Xicom Technologies Ltd.

We worked with this Xicom.biz and paid them tens of thousands of dollars. Suddenly in November 2014 they stopped keeping their promises on development. We continued to pay for services that were not being delivered, so we eventually cut them off. Our project is now a full year behind. Note that they request you give them 5 star rating on Upwork/Elance feedback, so don't trust the reviews there.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 23 Nov 2015


Produce useless reports and do not dive deep to provide real analysis. Do not take criticism well - in fact the CEO throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 24 Sep 2015


We've used HeatMapCo several times to analyze our designs and mock-ups. It helped us to significantly increase conversion. Can recommend the service highly enough.

Last reviewed on Monday, 21 Sep 2015


The courses for professional trainings from ComplianceOnline should be rated one of the best jokes around. What kind of tutors do they have? Guys who don’t know what they are talking about? Guys who refuse to take questions at the end of the session? So called “experts” who have no clue about any major FDA update on medical devices? Most disappointing stuff I have heard in my career. MetricStream's courses serve no purpose...

Last reviewed on Monday, 17 Aug 2015


Sales reps lie about charges initially to sign you up and will not back up what they verbally say ... although they will clearly lie to you to sign up. They are very Deceptive on their business sign ups. I tried to rectify the confusion and they were rude and never responded and I was continued to be billed although I clearly stated what we agreed upon.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 25 Jun 2015


Beware after more than two years of having a subscription to track via and paying $14.95 a month on my credit card they suddenly started billed me $105.95. I discover the increase after two months and they said it was in the terms. We hardly ever used the system was just a stand by place to hold some data then after two years suddenly I am paying 7 times has much. They send no notice, no warning just sneaky billing practice.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 15 May 2015

InsFocus BI

We offer our clients InfsFocus as a BI layer above your core SaaS ERP Platform. Our clients think it is great added-value product that provides them with real-time analytics and can help them to stream line their P2P processes instantly. We have a partnership with Insfocus for years now and are happy with the flexibility of the InsFocus team and value our partnership. We offer InsFocus BI as a premium product to our 15k...

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 22 Apr 2015


Amazing data visualization tool! It's a piece of cake to work with, has tons of functionalities for what I need and is very pleasing on the eye! You should try it!

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 18 Mar 2015

AJ square Inc

luckily didnt get to pay. Customer service sucks and sales is leaded by Jenny, simply Jenny, who takes care of skype "calls", "replying" emails and many other tasks. Technical support might be Jenny's kids, which could be a stronger workforce. Dont waste your money nor time

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 26 Feb 2015


OneSaas is a godsend if you have an online store (e.g. Bigcommerce) and need to integrate a number of platforms like accounting, shipping, inventory, crm and email. Support is great and it's well worth the price - saves hours every month. Very highly recommended.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 23 Feb 2015


Used Plumb5 to aggregate all our research data on one platform for data analysis. Very simplified data tagging and reporting feature.

Last reviewed on Friday, 20 Feb 2015


Appsee provides a fantastic service! Not only do they offer all basic analytics that you'd expect from a mobile analytics company, but they include unique insights like the ability to actually watch a user interacting with your app. There's no better way to learn what's wrong with your app or its design than actually seeing it! I'm a big fan.

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 08 Oct 2014

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